Fall Layers

Layers are essential to any fall look as the weather gets nippy (its my favorite weather). Tights, sweaters, knee high socks, hats, gloves, scarf, and boots can all be components of one outfit.  The key is to consider the length of the garments you are layering and what goes on top.

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Moments like this can really keep the shivers away. Layering a maxi cardigan under a jean jacket paired with plaid twill pants and a beanie is a perfect outfit for spectating those late night soccer games. My sister is also doing it right with statement patchwork pants, fuzzy boots, sweater under a fleece jacket and beanie to keep those ears nice and toasty.

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For those warmer fall days I paired the same maxi cardigan with a wool dress and knee high socks. If the temperature drops add some tights under the socks and a coat to add some extra warmth.

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(A statement necklace is a good idea for any outfit).

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Going on a nature walk in October? No problem.  Throw on a beanie, flannel shirt and jean jacket over your favorite lace dress and leggings. Paired with some hiking boots and you’re off on that hike in style.



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So there you have it. Layer, layer layer. It’s the perfect way to show off all your favorite pieces in one  look. This trend can easily be taken into weather by you guessed it, adding MORE layers. Though, Im not quite ready for that yet.

To find pieces like the ones seen here check out Free People and Urban Outfitters for inspiration.

Dear Mr. Ed Reddington

For class last semester I  had a create a film based on something I found in a “junk” shop. This was honestly one of the most challenging experiences of my life but I found some pretty interesting things in the “junk shop” such as:


These old photos of strangers from as early as 1915. My personal favorite is the three ladies in their Sunday best. I call them “The Three Graces”.  But in the end I decided to create a video based on this envelope:


Small and humble the only clues this letter gave was for who it was intended for: Mr. Ed Reddington. I imagined a life for this man. Writing him letters from his secret lady who goes by only J. The video is a visual representation of the time they spent together.

I presented the video like this:


The box contained the 10 letters I wrote so that when viewing the film people could read through the letters and get the entire story.

I even put some stills from the film in a fanfold.







The film has a slight focus on fashion and relationships which I enjoy. Thank you so much Curtis for playing Mr. Ed Reddington and being amazing.


Let me know what you think! Enjoy!


Flower Crown

A few weeks back I order the most adorable crown from the Flower Crown Society. check out their Etsy here. They have the most adorable so I decided to show it off.




DSC00037     DSC00041     DSC00043



DSC00015    DSC00052




I added my flower crown to a plain black hat, and paired it with one of my favorite dresses and a pair of chunky heels. This outfit is perfect for a concert, garden party or sunday brunch.

To get Jhow’s look: Check out the Flower Crown society, Free People and ASOS for similar pieces.

*** Photos taken by the ever talent Annie






Thrift Shop Finds.

Who knew the Goodwill was home to such treasures. This outfit took several trips to the thrift shop to assemble but I am leaving the house today in an outfit that cost me less than twenty dollars… let the Macklemore song commence!  I used to find thrift shops overwhelming and the idea of people rummaging for items well, gross. There are just so many items all bunched together all smelling like mothballs. But now its all about the thrill of the hunt for me. Thrift shops are an adventure, there are so many hidden gems in what people don’t want anymore.

Here are some tips I have found helpful when going into a thrift shop

1. Have time. The treasures are usually hidden amongst items that should have been left in the eighties and those vacation t-shirts people only wear once.

2. When you find a hidden treasure try it on! If you don’t try it on it’s just going to end up right where you found it after it sits in your closet for a few months.

3. Examine your find. Check the tag, check for small rips and tears, look at for those stains.

4. Try on the funny stuff. If you see an item that is so eighties, or just down right strange. Give it a try, you never know.

5. Check the tag. Sometimes thrift shops have different colored tags, and everyday a different tag is 50 percent off.

6. WASH your clothes went you get home.











Not So Plain Tee

Tees are essential to any girls wardrobe however, I find my self lacking in the “plain tee” department. Why do plain tees have to be so well, plain? New silhouettes spice up the notion of “the plain tee” and still give your statement pieces their time to shine. I am personal fan of these three boho cut tops.



Pair this top with a tight fitting skirt and some statement booties for a night out on the town. This look is perfect for evening and to think you’re still wearing a tee shirt.




Put this tee over a dress for a casual summer day of errands or outing with the gals. The high-low compliments the dress perfectly for those cooler days summer when you need those shoulders covered.

DSC09375    DSC09372   DSC09350


DSC09340    DSC09339    DSC09358

Throw on your favorite flowing top paired with floral shorts and a flower crown for the perfect festival look. Comfortable fabrics in longing flowing layers are perfect for concert hopping. Honestly, it’s like you are wearing your jammies.



None of these looks would be complete without a necklace (or two). Add some jewels and the new plain tees are set for any occasion.

To get the night look: Top Free People/ Skirt Forever 21/ Necklaces, Thrift shop find/ Shoes Free People

To get the day look: Top Free People/ Dress Free People/ Necklace Thrift shop find/ Sandals Urban Outfitters

To get the festival look: Top Free People/ Shorts Free People/ Flower crown icing/ necklaces grandmas jewelry box/ shoes marshals.

* Photocred to Annie Howell


Some Would Say We’re Soul Sisters.



I  featured Julia a few days ago on my blog and I thought I would highlight our friendship a bit because it is well, quite quirky like we are. Julia and I met in 2009 at a songwriting summer camp. We went together twice before graduating high school.  Our family homes are about 3 1/2 hours apart while our schools are 10 hours apart. I’ve seen Julia in person less than 20 times so you’d say our friendship survives solely on Skype dates and last minute meets up off thruway exits.

julia one   julia 2  julia three   julia four   julia five


Here are some flashbacks from our previous adventures…hehe what little babies we were.

julia three

Our relationship has been predominantly long distance so the past 4 days she spent at my house we truly hammed it up. Julia and I share the same urge to dress like a faery with layers of lace, florals, and of course a bit of sparkle. Our styles differ but we both lean towards the retro vintage look (just different eras). Julia has a passion for prints and I have a passion for solids. Julia rocks the red lip, I prefer purple.  We both have a soft spot for a good dress and pair of shoes. Fashion has been one of our links together, so I was very excited to do a few shoots with her this week.

DSC09122   DSC09121   DSC09100



My Advice, hold onto your friends, no matter how far they go. Julia and I always make it back to each other.


To get my look: dress Free People/ Shoes Free People/ Necklace American Eagle/

To get Julia’s look: dress Free People/ slip Free People/ Shoes Urban Outfitters/



She’s so Fancy: Julia Lavery

DSC08919   DSC08918   DSC08917


Meet the ever beautiful singer/songwriter Julia Lavery. She a classy lass studying Entertainment Industry Studies in Nashville.

Here are some fancy facts about her:

– She plays the accordion (among other things). She has even found herself playing with her jazz band in the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans.

-Pies are her speciality. ( Her strawberry rhubarb is the best).

-Her style icon/inspiration is a mixture of Chuck from Pushing Daisies, Dita von Teese and Luella Bartley’s 2009 collection.

To find her music stuff click the word here and ooh watch this video we took during the shoot:



DSC08965   DSC08961    DSC08958


DSC08948         DSC08942


DSC09044    DSC09003   DSC08993




Julia loves mixing prints, especially retro ones and her pin-upesque style has me inspired. From her nude heels to her bow tights, this girls got it going on! Her makeup routine usually involves cat-eye liner and some truly red lipstick.   Some gingham and high waisted shorts paired with sheer bow tights encompasses her unique look. Im obsessed with her closet full of fitted dresses, polka dots and thrift store finds.

To get looks similar to Julia’s frequent these fine retail websites. ASOS or Modcloth

* Photos taken sneakily at the abandoned New York State Custodial Asylum for the Feeble Minded (sketchy right) with assistance from my dear Annie.