Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of going home and taking a break from the busyness of life. Autumn is the perfect time make time to relax. Its a time for warm sweaters, big hugs, and a mug full of warm chai. It’s a time for apple orchards, hayrides, and fall leaves. Autumn is a time for family dinners and weekend getaways. And I did just that.

Life can get extremely stressful, and it’s okay to take a break every once and while to simply soak up the little things you miss while away at school. I missed New York country air, upstate chicken wings, real crisp apples and my mom’s applesauce. I missed cuddly puppies, my own queen sized bed and stepping outside to a vast expanse of fields and cows.  The city is an amazing place immersed in culture and art however, the chaos of it all had the small town girl inside me longing for silent nights.

Weekend getaways are my new favorite.

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So as the weather gets colder and the leaves change color soak up the last of your vacation day or even play a little hooky to take a weekend getaway.


How I Spent Memorial Day

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This is where I spent my memorial day weekend. Peaceful right? That’s because there was no cell phone service. This little place is found at the bottom of a waterfall in upstate New York.  I took the long 5 mile hike to the top and this is what I found:



Liberating right? I can tell you I’m extremely afraid of heights but this site was extremely incredible.

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The water was chilling but on an eighty -degree day nothing was better than a wade in the water creek with your best friend, family and eight doggie friends.







This is the good life. And the freedom I experienced yesterday wouldn’t be possible without the people who served/ are serving in the armed forces protecting this country. So thank you for a great day, and every free day I experienced. Your service is much appreciated.

If you get a change, take a walk, a road trip to a place where you don’t get cell phone service. Find some beauty and explore it. Hike up that mountain even if your out of shape. Breathe in the fresh air and bring those you love. It’s well worth it.