Wedding Attire

I have the hardest time picking out outfits for weddings. And with wedding  season in full swing  I am left with several questions. Is it casual? Fancy? What colors are used in the wedding theme? Am I wearing the same color as the bridesmaids? All valid questions when picking you wedding attire.

There are three easy ways to pick out wedding attire:

1. Look at the invite. Usually invitations reveal the type of event your attending. The location of the event speaks to the kind of event it it, fancy or more casual. The invitations are usually done in the theme colors the Bride and Groom are using, so you can stay away from wearing the same colors as the bridal party.

2. Layer. Especially if its an outdoor wedding layers are alway good. Pair one of your more formal dresses with a casual jacket. That way you can gage the event when you get there and remove the jacket if needed.

3. Pack light. Always bring a small purse with only the necessities. Don’t forget the lipsticks so you can reapply.

Here’s the approach I took:


I paired my favorite formal dress with a jean jacket, and heeled boots. Add some more daring accessories such as a flower crown and bold necklace to keep it fresh and unique to your personal style.






DSC00106    DSC00108     DSC00109





To get Jhow’s look: Dress Ruche/ Flower Crown Flower Crown Society / Jacket Urban Outfitters / Boots Free People/ Necklace Anne Tailor Loft. 

Show me your favorite wedding looks.

Some Would Say We’re Soul Sisters.



I  featured Julia a few days ago on my blog and I thought I would highlight our friendship a bit because it is well, quite quirky like we are. Julia and I met in 2009 at a songwriting summer camp. We went together twice before graduating high school.  Our family homes are about 3 1/2 hours apart while our schools are 10 hours apart. I’ve seen Julia in person less than 20 times so you’d say our friendship survives solely on Skype dates and last minute meets up off thruway exits.

julia one   julia 2  julia three   julia four   julia five


Here are some flashbacks from our previous adventures…hehe what little babies we were.

julia three

Our relationship has been predominantly long distance so the past 4 days she spent at my house we truly hammed it up. Julia and I share the same urge to dress like a faery with layers of lace, florals, and of course a bit of sparkle. Our styles differ but we both lean towards the retro vintage look (just different eras). Julia has a passion for prints and I have a passion for solids. Julia rocks the red lip, I prefer purple.  We both have a soft spot for a good dress and pair of shoes. Fashion has been one of our links together, so I was very excited to do a few shoots with her this week.

DSC09122   DSC09121   DSC09100



My Advice, hold onto your friends, no matter how far they go. Julia and I always make it back to each other.


To get my look: dress Free People/ Shoes Free People/ Necklace American Eagle/

To get Julia’s look: dress Free People/ slip Free People/ Shoes Urban Outfitters/