24-Hour Adventure

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Last weekend, my boys took me on a 24 hour adventure to the big Apple. We tackled Manhattan, hitting up Soho, chinatown, Little Italy, Union Square, Rockefeller Center, Times Square and of course Central Park. It was a great day spent with great people. And of course we went dressed in style.

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NYC 17

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The Key to a 24 hour adventure is comfort. Rompers provide ease while traveling but also make a statement. Pair it with a kimono, comfy sandals and a floppy hat and you’re ready for a day of walking.

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NYC 16

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Thanks Curtis and German for a great day

To get Jhow’s look click here 

To see More Photos by German Ayala Photography click here


Well Folks, This semester really got away from me. It truly was the most intense semester thus far but… It is coming to a close and I am ready for a summer filled with Proprium Floris!

Here’s some updates though before we kick off the summer with some Fashion…and of course Floral.

Back in March…

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I got my nose pierced! Im now sporting a little gold hoop, and Im pretty Happy with it.

So naturally in April…


I got a tattoo. And it’s floral of course! I couldn’t be happier with the results.

tattoo1 Tattoo 3 Tattoo 2

So with a new summer, comes new goals. I plan to at least, once a week have a new post. To amp up the volume with new graphics and better quality shots. I also plan to include more people, different styles, and some fellas (because hey, they know how to dress too).

So here’s to changes! And new Adventures!

The Ivy League





My  latest piece, and favorite piece I’ve done is titled The Ivy League and it has a beautifully bittersweet story behind it.

Three years ago on November 3rd, my friend Ivy took her own life. It was by far the most devastating event that has happened in my life. There isn’t a day that I don’t think about her and the impact her life has on mine.

This year as the day approach I immediately was angry at myself. Angry that I didn’t wear my bracelet in her memory for days at a time. Angry, that I couldn’t recall the sound of her voice on command. Just angry. Moving on sometimes can be a bittersweet because you want the pain to subside but you don’t want to forget. Memories are all I have now of our friendship.

Let me tell you about my friend. She was beautifully selfless, and a passionate disciple of God.  Her eyes used to light up when discussing her latest plan to end world poverty, and they glared in anger during discussions on the prevalent issue of sex trafficking around the world. Her eyes were soft and inviting, but full of conviction. For the pass three years when addressing her death, I struggled to find any shred of light. Ivy was a light in a dark world, the entire time I knew her she battled mental illness and strived to combat injustices.A few months ago Ivy’s mother pulled into my driveway and proceeded to tell me a story about her. She was an organ donor, and her family just received a call as to how Ivy’s body was used. Two people received their sight from her eyes. I’d like to think that means her vision of the world is still alive. This story made me realize all the light Ivy left behind.

This piece is 165  pairs of her eyes printed on white cloth in remembrance of her life and death. In my grieving I created a piece with the last things I have left of Ivy, photographs, and stories. The white represents her surrender to death, while her soft eyes represent the pieces she left behind for the world. Some eyes are printed faintly because at times it is hard to see any positives from this tragedy, but it is still there. This piece stares at you and beg for the audience to look into her eyes. It forces the viewers to look at themselves as she looks at you. Arranging them in cluster the statement is clear, Ivy will not be forgotten.

IMG_0745         IMG_0746       IMG_0749




IMG_0744                                                                                       IMG_0740




To learn about becoming an organ donor, and registering click here



Waverly Place

Now I know its been four months since  I have moved here, but I think its finally time to introduce to you my current residence.

Yes. I live in what I’d like to call Waverly Place in Philadelphia…. and yes, I may or may not be a wizard.  (If I was I wouldn’t be able to tell you)

I live with another wizard…cough cough I mean muggle Dallas, who is one of my dear friends whom, I happen to go to school and work with.


Here’s us on the front steps to our new place.

Check out the view. The key to find an awesome place, is finding a good view


Its quaint and adorable….check out our crib.













5The key to decorating the perfect place is gathering stuff that you find beautiful. Personally, I collect doilies, tea cups, blankets, dream catchers and photographs. Show off your collecting, cover your surfaces with it and eventually you will create an environment that is as unique and creative as you. All of the decorations seen here are items I had already acquired. Utilize what you have in creative ways to make the things you do not have. For example, I tied doilies together to create curtains that function to block the window without loosing all the light. I also blocked an unwanted window by my bed with a photo collage. Be resourceful and decorating can be both fun and inexpensive.

Make this place your home. No matter how long you plan on staying in this spot make it homey, a few little touches can make a difference. My goal is to always feel comfortable in my home, it allows for true rest and relaxation.  Home should be a place that you want to go back to every night after a long busy day. It should be inspiring so the creative juices never stop flowing.  Home should evoke good memories and invite good company. As an extreme homebody, home is my favorite place to be and I finally think this place is starting to feel like home.

So there you go, here’s where I live now.


Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of going home and taking a break from the busyness of life. Autumn is the perfect time make time to relax. Its a time for warm sweaters, big hugs, and a mug full of warm chai. It’s a time for apple orchards, hayrides, and fall leaves. Autumn is a time for family dinners and weekend getaways. And I did just that.

Life can get extremely stressful, and it’s okay to take a break every once and while to simply soak up the little things you miss while away at school. I missed New York country air, upstate chicken wings, real crisp apples and my mom’s applesauce. I missed cuddly puppies, my own queen sized bed and stepping outside to a vast expanse of fields and cows.  The city is an amazing place immersed in culture and art however, the chaos of it all had the small town girl inside me longing for silent nights.

Weekend getaways are my new favorite.

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IMG_1094      IMG_1091     IMG_1092    IMG_1096     IMG_1090

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset                                            Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

DSC00647          DSC00652



DSC00660                                                 DSC00672



DSC00674   DSC00678    DSC00677





DSC00693   DSC00696   DSC00697   DSC00649




So as the weather gets colder and the leaves change color soak up the last of your vacation day or even play a little hooky to take a weekend getaway.

What I’ve learned from being Single


Well, I’m single and pretty much have always been so I think it’s best to say that I am a professional single person. I spend my friday nights (Like tonight) watching Netflix with my pumpkin spice chai, and a big blanket just like every other single girl. NO, I do not have a cat, or seven. Yes, I’ve heard the cliches, like this one:

single ladies


And I get it, please don’t mention it again.

It angers me. I’ve gone out with all my friends and their boyfriends and felt the awkwardness that most of the time I created myself being the third, fifth, seventh or even ninth wheel. (I mean seriously vehicles cannot function like that its a good analogy).  So, mostly this post is to say…if you’re single..I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!!!

But it’s also because Im angry that single ladies get a bad wrap in today’s society, and I think it’s time we put an end to it! I mean if we had our way we wouldn’t be single right ladies? But right now we have to own up to our good name and stop being defined by our relationship status! It’s okay to be single. It really is.

Here are some things I learned from being a professional single person:

1. And this is the most important rule. Pants are overrated.  Being single means friday nights, coming home and spending the whole weekend without pants if you want to.  Wearing an oversized t-shirt is my favorite form of pajamas, single people have it made when it comes to nightwear.




Also, this is pretty nice too:



2. Time. it’s all yours. Seriously, you get to schedule your time, and choose when and where you go and who you their with. With a significant other their schedule gets involved and the word COMPROMISE gets involved.

3.  Independence. Being single has allowed me to fend for myself and learn how to stand my ground in the world. I’ve never had a man to depend on, so I know even in the rough times in the future I can be alone and depend on myself.

4. In all honesty, Loneliness sucks. I’ve spent many nights alone in my apartment in my own loneliness wishing I had someone to share my life with. That loneliness has forced me to go out and make new friends, take myself out to dinner, go on coffee dates with myself, even shop by myself. All of these little outings revealed to me that I am never truly alone.

5. YOU DONT NEED A MAN TO MAKE YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL. I think that is general misconception. I am beautiful and single. Two separate things. Just because you are single doesn’t mean that you aren’t attractive. It’s corny and no single lady wants to hear this but, the right man will come and tell you you’re beautiful but until then keep showing off your beauty to the world so he may see it when he comes along.




6. Men get lost. A wise women once said “My man is lost and won’t ask for directions.” Patience sucks but if God put the desire in your heart to love someone in that way, you best believe he will fill it. It just might not be on your timing because let’s face it, men never ask for directions. I’d rather have a relationship on God’s timing than my own, he is preparing me for a man. And he is preparing that man for me. I don’t want a man God has only half prepared for me, I want nothing but the best.

7. I don’t like cats.  Not all single ladies are destine to be CAT LADIES.  I would much prefer to be a “dog lady”.

8. Being single means never having to do this:

single 2

8.  Jealousy sucks. Yes, when I go out with my friends I can get jealous from time to time especially if I’m the third wheel. Their cute, the kind of cute that single girls vomit over. They only say it’s gross to deflect from the fact that secretly, or not so secretly, they want all of it. Even the twinkling noses, or saying “no you hang up” for 10 minutes straight. We all want to win the “cutest couple award”.

9.  Being single allows you to decided what kind of man you’ll change your relationship status for. I’ve had a lot of time to think about what kind of person I want to share my life with solely by seeing other couples interact and seeing the reasons relationships fall apart.

10. EVERY NIGHT IS GIRLS NIGHT! I mean unless it’s not. But, every night COULD be a girls night.

11. There are so many cute boys to look at. Nows the time, Ladies, take advantage of the sights!


And finally.

12.Sometimes you have to take action. Let’s face it, if you’re tired of being single, sometimes only you are the one that can change that. Go meet new people, if you thing one is too cute for words, tell him. Who knows what a compliment could do.  Just maybe don’t act  like this:


So I hope this help those single ladies out there tonight. Even though sometimes it may feel like you are not going to turn out like this:


(I mean, unless you choose that lifestyle).

Let’s go out there ladies, and be single, and ready to mingle!

(My goal is before I get a boyfriend to master this dance, it may not be a realistic goal).



Philadelphia Selfies

In honor of Free Peoples release of their new catalog called #fpselfieedition I thought i’d share some selfies I’ve taken in the last few months.

Selifes are sweeping social media, and are becoming a new way in which we document ourselves. Its a new form of portraiture and whether or not its a good or bad fad we all still take selfies. It is a new form of photography since the invention of the double camera phones.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset            Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

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Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

And Let’s just face it selfies can be funny too.

IMG_6838       IMG_6883



IMG_8078      IMG_7458


Now, C’mon! Show me your best Selfie!




Narrowing the Gap

I am reaching out to the blog community asking you all to help a girl out this week. I can currently enrolled in art school and as most people know, it isn’t cheap. I have applied for a scholarship and in order to be considered for the next round I need as many votes as possible.

I was asked to enter an essay based on the question:

If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.

I immediately knew what  I wanted to write, and it’s the dream behind this blog as well. My dream is to help women, well, people see themselves as God sees them. Beautiful just they way they are through fashion, personal style and art.

Here’s a copy of the Essay:

Narrowing the Gap

The media is creating a world where beauty is getting smaller and smaller. New technology has implemented impossible standards of beauty; from unrealistically photo-shopping models and celebrities to exposing new online fads such as the “thigh gap”. These impossible standards have women on a pursuit at any cost to achieve them. The ramifications of this endless conquest for beauty are dangerous, and it needs to end. Fashion is a means of expression not exclusive to those with a gap between their thighs. Fashion can be used to build up, not tear down, and set an example for the little beauties growing up behind us.
My passion is to encourage women to embrace the beauty they already possess. With my degree I want to enter the fashion industry as an artist, working in merchandising and marketing. Art school has harnessed my personal voice and expanded my practice farther than my painting major. Currently I have entered the blog scene creating a blog that captures real women, unedited, expressing their own personal style. This real women platform I believe can blossom through the use of social media, and a fresh look at marketing.
Beauty shouldn’t be limited to a size, or shape and it shouldn’t be digitally shrunk. Fashion can be used a tool to boost confidence and narrow the gap between women. Narrowing this gap is just the beginning to bringing up a generation of confident women.


If you would please go to the link  here and click the little heart. The more votes I receive the more likely  I am to go to the next round. If you enjoyed the essay, and could pass this along so others could possibly vote.  This could mean a lot to my future. Thank you so much.


What I Wore: Concert Attire

This past Wednesday I saw Sara Bareilles in concert and not only was she beyond words talented, but I loved my outfit so I’d thought I’d share. Concert Attire is kind of my favorite occasion to dress for because it gives me permission to be bold with my style, and a little out there.

DSC09796     DSC09779





So in this case, I vamped up my inner hippie with fringe, round sunglasses, gladiator sandals and yes floral. This concert was super great! But while Sara looked like this:

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


And even gave us a wave

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

We looked like this:


So I’d suggest that you check the weather before you choose your concert attire. We were quite soggy after that one. But hey, at least we got our Selfie with Sara! Before it poured!



So when it comes to concert attire be yourself, be bold, and plan accordingly for any possible weather infringements.

To get my look: Sunglasses Free People/ Tank top Free People/ Pants Free People/ Vest Forever 21/Sandals Modcloth 

And Please do check out Sara Bareilles’ website here and see her on the Little Black Dress Tour.

And here’s a really awesome cover song she didnt play at the Lewiston Show:





Inspiration Board

I have been  compiling things, and more things for what could probably make up 300 inspiration boards but I thought I’d share one, and deconstruct it.

Collecting inspiration is infinite and necessary for an artist, or creator of any sorts. But I believe everyone in any profession should make inspiration boards (or five). An inspiration board doesn’t require reason. It’s stuff you like put next to and overlapping other stuff you like. It provides motivation and inspiration to help you continue doing things you like. And frankly, they are really pretty, (if they are all things you like).

So here’s one of mine:

inspiration board Final


Now I thought we’d dig in and go piece by piece so I can explain how this pile of crazy got on an inspiration board.



1. I think this one explains itself but I live my life by this phrase.

ip 20

2. Every inspiration board needs a little humor. I love this.

ib 19

3. This Kimono! I love this look, the fringe and the hat. I need these two items in my life.


4.I found this image on Pinterest and I just love how the textures and fabrics were assembled together. Plus the floral is just goregous

ib 16

5. Every inspiration board needs a picture of Florence Welch. She is my style inspiration, I love the boho flair she has. She is always on par.


6. The many faces of Elle Fanning. She is one of my style inspirations and she is only 16!!!!!!! What a girl. Her hair is from the Gods!


7.  This image just reminds me to by cozy. Warm socks and tea after a long day.

ib 15

8. This image is from Urban Outfitters and I NEED THOSE TIGHTS!  If you need them too you can find them here.

ib 14

9. This photo is apart of a year long self portrait series done by  the extremely talent photographer Nicole Mason. And she has killer style. Check out here blog here to see each weeks self portrait.

ib 13

10. I found this print on Pinterest. It is just too adorable.

ib 12

11. Daisies are my favorite

ib 11

12. THESE SHOES!  I don’t know where they are from but I need them!


13. I collect tea cups, and tea. Let’s just say tea is an obsession of mine.

ib 9


14. This is a picture I found of FPme and lets just say I am in love with this style pic! And her hair.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

15. That is outfit is perf. enough said.

ib 7

16. Those sunglasses, the braids. So many feels.

ib 5

17. This is an untitled piece by Cy Twombly one of my favorite painters. I hope to paint as well as him when I am done with art school.

ib 4

18. If only I was as cool as this dog.

ib 3

19. This outfit has inspired me. I have purchase items similar to replicate it.

inspiration board 2

20. I am really into Pineapple print lately and this set is so adorable. You can buy it here.

inspiration board

21. The painting is by one of my favorite artist Joan Mitchell (no not the singer). I just love the colors, and the scribbles.


So there you have it. Inspiration boards don’t really need logic or order at all. They are just well, inspiring for lack of a better word. I hope this inspires you to make your own. (pun certainly intended).

All my images came from my Pinterest. You can find it here  and see about 6,000 more things that could land on my next inspiration board.

Heres one that almost made the board that just makes me giggle:

ib 6


(If you make an inspiration board please do share it with me, I’d love to see it!).