Dear Mr. Ed Reddington

For class last semester I  had a create a film based on something I found in a “junk” shop. This was honestly one of the most challenging experiences of my life but I found some pretty interesting things in the “junk shop” such as:


These old photos of strangers from as early as 1915. My personal favorite is the three ladies in their Sunday best. I call them “The Three Graces”.  But in the end I decided to create a video based on this envelope:


Small and humble the only clues this letter gave was for who it was intended for: Mr. Ed Reddington. I imagined a life for this man. Writing him letters from his secret lady who goes by only J. The video is a visual representation of the time they spent together.

I presented the video like this:


The box contained the 10 letters I wrote so that when viewing the film people could read through the letters and get the entire story.

I even put some stills from the film in a fanfold.







The film has a slight focus on fashion and relationships which I enjoy. Thank you so much Curtis for playing Mr. Ed Reddington and being amazing.


Let me know what you think! Enjoy!



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