Thrift Shop Finds.

Who knew the Goodwill was home to such treasures. This outfit took several trips to the thrift shop to assemble but I am leaving the house today in an outfit that cost me less than twenty dollars… let the Macklemore song commence!  I used to find thrift shops overwhelming and the idea of people rummaging for items well, gross. There are just so many items all bunched together all smelling like mothballs. But now its all about the thrill of the hunt for me. Thrift shops are an adventure, there are so many hidden gems in what people don’t want anymore.

Here are some tips I have found helpful when going into a thrift shop

1. Have time. The treasures are usually hidden amongst items that should have been left in the eighties and those vacation t-shirts people only wear once.

2. When you find a hidden treasure try it on! If you don’t try it on it’s just going to end up right where you found it after it sits in your closet for a few months.

3. Examine your find. Check the tag, check for small rips and tears, look at for those stains.

4. Try on the funny stuff. If you see an item that is so eighties, or just down right strange. Give it a try, you never know.

5. Check the tag. Sometimes thrift shops have different colored tags, and everyday a different tag is 50 percent off.

6. WASH your clothes went you get home.












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