My Crib

For the summer I am living in my parents house until I moved into an apartment anticipating the upcoming semester. My room at my parents house has been pretty loyal to me so I thought hey, why not show it off.



When it comes to my space I need to be two things for me.

1. A Sanctuary to come home to. Filled with cozy blankets and pillows to relax in after a long day. Soft elements to keep me at peace and pastel colors to bring me ease.

2. A creative space to feel inspired in. Filled with pictures, art work, and memories. My room needs to provide constant visuals to keep my creative juices flowing.



DSC09155     DSC09140





Its all about the small details and it doesn’t have to be perfectly neat and organize. I want my space to feel lived in because well, it is.

DSC09144     DSC09150


DSC09146      DSC09129






The key to creating a unique and cozy space is to collect things you like and show them off. Make things that bring joy to your life. My room is filled of doilies, dreamcatchers and pink. All things I love most.


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