She’s so Fancy: Emily

DSC08560  DSC08561  DSC08562

Meet my cousin Emily. I haven’t seen her in months and I am so glad that she came by so I could stick a camera in her face in the cold.

Heres some facts about Emily:

-She studies Music Therapy in the great city of Pittsburgh.

-Her addiction to caffeine has her running to Starbucks every morning for her drink of choice: Vanilla Latte

-She cannot fall asleep unless she watches an episode of Dexter.


DSC08486   DSC08483   DSC08482



DSC08566   DSC08507   DSC08423



Her grunge, laid back, style is so in right now. I love how easy and laid back Emily’s look is, throw on a tee and a flannel and you have a complete outfit. She isn’t afraid of color, or texture. Throw on a pair of vans and you’re ready to go. If it gets warm tie the flannel around your waist and show off that tank! Thanks Emily for being apart of  “She’s so Fancy”.

Get Emily’s look: Sneaker Vans / Flannel American Eagle (similar) / Shorts American Eagle (similar)/ Shirt Forever 21 (Similar)




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