She’s so Fancy: Annie



DSC08182     DSC08183



DSC08203        DSC08207


Meet Annie, and the first on my feature called She’s so Fancy.

Let’s get to know Annie:

-She is a food separatist.

– A 14- year old tea drinker. Quite the old soul.

-She is obsessed with Bridal shows. I would assume she already has her wedding completely planned and will be happy to judge your wedding on a scale of one to ten.

Her style is quite peculiar so I am happy to call her my sister. Expect to see her in a scarf at all times (minus today). She is decked out in some hand-made jewels as well as a breezy slip. I would say her style is laid-back and comfy, but always chic. And of course she rocks the pixie cut like no one else!

Get Annie’s Look: Slip Free People/ Bling most handmade and various gifts / cami old navy (the best cami’s)


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